Jobear Contracting, Inc. is skilled in the installation of all types of underground piping including (but not limited to): pressure water and sewer force mains, gravity sewer mains, sewage pump stations, and storm drainage collection systems. We have the ability, equipment and expertise to install all sizes of pipe including some of the more challenging large diameter storm pipes. We also are qualified to install all types of box culvert systems to accommodate various water crossing applications.
Jobear Contracting, Inc. participates in commercial site development by assisting the construction team with site clearing and debris removal, excavation of retention areas, installation of potable water, sewer and drainage, as well as providing building pad construction. To finalize this process, Jobear Contracting, Inc. has the ability to prepare and build the development entrance roads, curbing, sidewalks and parking facilities. By participating in full civil site development we become a one stop shop eliminating the need for multiple subcontractors.
Jobear Contracting, Inc. has worked for virtually every municipality in Brevard, Indian River, and St. Lucie Counties. We have completed retrofits for sewer, water, and storm drainage projects as well as road widening and expansion projects. We are very familiar with the requirements and specifications of the various municipalities and have worked well will them all. (Please refer to our testimonial section).